Housing market is too far gone.


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Sep 1, 2004
I’ve had properties before where they tore off a deck because it needed to be replaced. But there is still a door leading out to the deck.


So they just nailed a 2x4 diagonal across the doorway :rofl:

“That good boss?”
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of course. I sold a new construction maybe last year , delayed over a year cause covid, that the door off the kitchen would have needed 3-4 steps. buyers opted to not pay for builder to do a deck/patio cause they were over the whole process.. my people wanted no bar screwed into the siding, construction manager bless his heart just wanted to help us out at that point so he could move on due to all the delays etc.. double side taped a bar across the door with chopped off screw heads to satisfy the appraiser lol

same guy let us pay the electrician to run security wiring all over after the fact, builder in question doesn't allow that type of shit, but this guy was so burnt out over the process he was like fuck it. I loved him once the deal was done whew
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Apr 1, 2002
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Shes in a program to get local VA leads where she only gets about half commission for referral. Most of these buyers approve for just enough to get into shit holes. This makes inspections and appraisal less than fun.

Our experience this far is that people drag their asses getting these deals done.
She should either embrace it or find better clients, but whining about being handed opportunity is just weak.
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Jul 15, 2009
llc Is a corporation, weird that he’d double down on making a distinction.

No. Not even close. Try to ipo your llc and get back to me.
LLC = Limited Liability Company and is owned by members, fewer formal requirements compared to a corporation etc etc.

Corporation = has shareholders and more formal proceedings/requirements to go through, board of directors, meetings, minutes etc etc.

Both are different legal entities at the STATE level.

Facts matter @Xicculus

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