Housing market is too far gone.

May 8, 2001
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now cali mike
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Nov 28, 2007
Bay Area, CA

Green crew

I probably need a high resolution version with street names to determine if my house is darkest red or second to darkest red :scootin:Old house that I decided to hold onto is definitely darkest red and needs a new front door, bleh.

On the flip side I did my taxes and all this interest I pay reduced my liability by $8k.
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May 6, 2000
Omaha, NE
How are BTR’s actually zoned? I’m actually unaware of that aspect since I don’t have any direct experience in them yet

If they are zoned as MFL, couldn’t they just not issue a MFL designation on land to control SFR development?
Coming back to this because I got a call from a home builder this morning who is converting a project to build to rent. He purchased the land and entitled it intending to build to sell; he’s been building single families for 40 years and he’s never built to rent before.

It’s an unfortunate symptom of the market we’re in, but it makes sense for homebuilders. His costs are too high to allow him to discount enough to get these homes sold quickly, but rents are still rising fast in this particular submarket.

Bill The Butcher

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Nov 28, 2004
Another week, another house to get excited about that will end in heartache somehow :wtc:

This baby has been on the market 41 days. Has dropped in price to where it's in our range now.


Old people live there now. The place is carpeted but listing says original hardwood under. We won't mind ripping the carpet up hopefully that is scaring people away :noes:


A lot going for it, new roof, plumbing, electrical and boiler. Pretty much move in ready minus the carpet. Also has AC big plus for a house this old.

Seeing if tomorrow after work. Time change it'll still be light out.

Capt. Hammer

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Jun 14, 2003
The Lone Star State
Something in my house is faintly beeping and I can’t figure out what… :wtc:

You might suspect a smoke detector but I don’t think I have any :o

On the list … :o

Wasn’t the fridge door …

Alarm system battery warning?

Smart lock battery warning?

HVAC control board in the attic/basement?

Filter replacement reminder on a fridge?
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