Housing market is too far gone.


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Nov 23, 2011
does a Zillow 'Pending' mean you shouldn't waste your time or still something you should try and look at if you are interested ?


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Aug 11, 2003
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Finally got an offer accepted yesterday at asking price. However, they listed it as having central AC when it in-fact has none - total misrepresentation. Seller was willing to pay to install one but HVAC dude can't get to half the house in the crawl space to install ducts and does not recommend installing one in the other half. I'm not living without AC ever again, so we're backing out. FML
Not that you’d want to deal with it, but I wonder what would happen if you signed the contract and closed, then demanded the sellers find a way to install central AC since that’s what was offered/promised in the description and contract.


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Aug 20, 2004
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Supposed to close on Thursday. Have the day off work.

Haven't gotten our clear to close yet. In underwriting. Not worried about this going through - just stressing it wont happen on Thur :artshark:
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Apr 2, 2006
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for all us 'muricans complaining about house prices, we don't have it nearly as bad as our northern neighbors.

fortune.com said:
Chen has hit open house after open house, but "there's just so much competition," particularly in his ideal price range of $2 million Canadian dollars or $1.6 million USD, Chen says. Even single-family houses on the market for $3 million CAD ($2.4 million) need "substantial renovation work," he says. "It's hard to know how much the home will actually cost with inflation in labor and building materials, plus slow turnaround times for building permits," he says. So for now, he lives in a townhome outside of the city center that he purchased pre-sale in 2017.

imagine paying 2.5M for a house that needs massive renovations :rofl:

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