How big is OT's no children crew?


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Sep 9, 2011
St. Petersburg (not Russia)
I've recently come to a small realization that I don't think I want children. I'm 33 and have always kind of been waiting to get the "baby bug" but it's just not happening. My peers are starting to pop out kids all over the place and usually my internal response is something like "I can't imagine having a kid". It's not that I don't like kids, but I haven't had that burning desire to have them.
In fact, when I think about my life and where'd I'd have regrets when I get older, the things I imagine are around lack of traveling or working too much - but not around never having kids.

For those in this crew, was there a definitive time when you knew that you definitely didn't want kids? For the men in the crew, is it smart in your opinion to get a vasectomy at this point to remove that risk altogether or are you keeping that door open if your opinion changes at some point in the future?


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Mar 2, 2006
A vasectomy is weird because with future partners you’ll have to explain where your testicles went. Just my $.02.
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Jun 23, 2005
I can hardly keep my life together with no kids. No clue how I'd keep things going with a kid or two that requires constant care.


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Aug 26, 2002
DFW, Texas
In my late 20's I was one of those "i'd be okay having kids, if I met the right person" blah blah blah. By my mid 30's, I was a Letterkenny Hard No.


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Nov 23, 2003
Prob decided around 29.

It’s a weird thing if being srs.

Like I’m glad I have tons of money, can do whatever I want, travel whenever, but every so often I figure it would be cool to have a lil dude or girl.

At 39 I don’t get that feeling anymore but I def did at 34ish.

I have a tiny doggie now and she’s my everything.


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Aug 26, 2002
DFW, Texas
protip: no man ever has a burning desire to have kids. dont think baby fever is something you need to have.
Eh, out of my 4 best buds that have kids, only one was adamant that he wanted kids from the onset, and he got a boy and a girl, and a messy divorce :hsugh:

Other one was an accident
Other one was his wife was getting up there in age and she really wanted a kid(s) so he was like fine whatever
Other one married a chick I knew from high school who always wanted kids and he was ambivalent but she's a great girl so her and an eventual kid were a package deal. They had to do IVF so probalby only one for them as it was an arduous process, but their little guy should be 2 this year.

They are all fantastic fathers.

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