How big is OT's no children crew?


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Jul 15, 2001
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I was 38 when I had my guy.

Was always on the fence because we enjoyed life, traveled, had large projects fixing up the house, and was career/education focused.

Once things stabilized we decided to have a baby, and it's been great. I wouldn't have done it any differently (yes that's a human answer)


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Sep 14, 2001
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I never had a desire for them, but I was open to the idea had I met someone and they wanted a family. That was till my mid 20s. At that point I'd have been okay with adopting had I met someone that wanted a family. I got my tubes tied at 30, and then felt it would be okay if I met someone and they already had children. But around 35, no way no kids pre-existing or not. I'm so old now, that were I to meet someone, it's okay if they have kids as long as they are already out of the house :rofl:

The life of a childless foreveralone

I also don't hate kids (parents though, most of them I'd like to bludgeon with a sharp heavy object)
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Apr 5, 2001
Didn't think I wanted a kid but eventually you've been everywhere you wanted to go, bought everything you wanted to buy and found the bottom of every glass you picked up.
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