How can I extract pictures from Macintorash format SCSI drives into universal format?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Jerboy, Nov 26, 2004.

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    I have a drive tower with four drives in it which I used back when I was an avid Mac user.

    Now, this was the day before CD burners. The Mac I used it with is an old beige one before USB.

    There are four 7200RPM 4.5GB Ultra Wide SCSI drives in the disk tower and it connects to the Mac through an Adaptec UW SCSI PCI card. In these drives, there are some audio recordings in AIFF and photos of sentimental value in QuickTake (yeah that shitty Apple camera :greddy: ) that I want to copy over to a removeable media that can be read anywhere.

    How the hell can I do this?
    I'm guessing I have to get a SCSI CD Burner + Acraptec Toast, burn them to CD in PC Format, then convert in PC...

    If I do this, how do I know that PC format won't be obsolete 20 years later and I can't get my shit out?

    Analog recording > digital.

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