How come Jason won't post a video of him throwing a baseball?


OT Supporter
Jun 10, 2004
The Official Jason List:

Things Jason is an expert on:

1. Motorcycle injuries classified by barrier types
2. Small pickup engineering and cost efficiency analysis
3. The Federal Government
4. Tow Trucks
5. Snow Cats
6. Cold Fusion
7. Baseball
8. Football
9. Basketball
10. Hockey
11. Professional Wrestling
12. Automotive paint schemes
13. Context
14. The word "anecdotal"
15. Water
16. Being an expert
17. ADHD
18. Your child
19. Drinking ages around the world
20. Beer
21. Religion
22. why the temperature feels different in houses between winter and summer
23. tattoo artists located in New York City
24. Expert in everything motorcycle.
25. Expert on everything to do with tablets.
26. Expert on array formulas.
27. Expert on maternal/fetal medicine.
28. DUI
29. Intoxication vs BAC
30. Windows RT
31. Future M$ products that aren't out yet
32. How to get passed over by the military
33. Expert on physics.
34. Egyptian pyramid construction.
35. Cost of parking on the street in Boston.
36. Expert on Education.
37. Ergonomic furniture pricing.
38. Android operating system code names.
39. 7/18 specialist on nuke power and nuke fallout.
40. Pilot certification
42. Brain injuries / head trauma
43. 9/19 How OT forums should be run.
44. Boating and hybrid power trains.
45. Expert on all Tax laws.
46. Building implosions.
47. Hygiene.
48. The drawbacks of 3D printing.
49. Expert on using lathes.
50. Machining.
51. 3D Printers.
52. Solar Power.
53. Harley Davidson oil leaks.

:rofl::rofl: i remember that


OT Supporter
Jun 10, 2004
He did confirm he can throw a Baseball


OT Supporter
Sep 4, 2004
i didnt give him credit :hsugh: but im also not ragging on someone who honestly hasnt done anything as weird as some of the otters here.

You serious bro :rofl:

He almost had a total meltdown the other day but pussied out on my permaban bet.


πŸ€™ Chill Vibes Only πŸ€™
Jan 20, 2001
San Diego, California
i didnt give him credit :hsugh: but im also not ragging on someone who honestly hasnt done anything as weird as some of the otters here.

Except for the part where he got humiliated off of here under his last name, came back hiding behind this new name while dropping tidbits of old personal info on members and claiming he's not an AE. All while being a try hard loser. Not weird at all, deegan.

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