CAR how could one start a career in road racing?


I'm really interested in road racing, my dream is to win the 24 hour at le mans.

what does it take besides the obvious skill and natual talent to get into a amatuer or some kind of freshmen class.


Shut it down. Lets go home!!!
Jan 3, 2001
well first first of all you need to go to a racing school like Jim Russell Racing School, Derek Daly Academy and Skip Barber School then hopefully if you're good enough graduate to the Barber Dodge Series then to the Toyota Atlantic Series Indy Lights or race in Europe.


actually you don't need to goto an expensive school.......i'm currently getting my scca regional liscence to race my 93 civic si in the its class....this is the most affordable. i also crew for a friend that is currently running nationals for seat time until 2002 when our grand-am car (motorola cup) will be ready.
remember the best way to get into road racing and to get good is seat time. i started off autocrossing for a couple years and am now stepping up to club racing and if everything pans out they way i'm hoping i'll be driving grand-am by 2004.


Shut it down. Lets go home!!!
Jan 3, 2001
well that's the fastest way to get car owners to notice you. Like Jenson Button, he was driving, I think Formula 3000 or something and Frank Williams saw something in him and end up driving for him the next year in F-1.

The Bastard

Forget all that going through the ranks non sense.. here's what you do: volunteer to be a towel boy for one of the F1 drivers..make sure you can beat him up...

then earn his trust.. do that for a few years, then one day you club him over the head and drown'em to death.. assume his identity and drive live his glamorous life while making crazy fortunes and sleep with European models..

seriously tho, unless you have the combination of extraordinary talent and luck of the 4 leaf clover, it's extremely difficult to be among the elite.

I would think driving school such as the Jim Russel racing school is anyone's best bet .. than slowly move up the ranks. It's like anything else, you need notoriety and famous racing schools like JR's will give you that..

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