how do i backup my macbook?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by dorkultra, Jan 17, 2007.

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    coming from a windows background, i knew of 2 ways of backing up (simplified without the incremental/differential stuff). first one is to just make copies of all your documents on some type of external device...but forget about your applications in the event of a system failure, because you will need to reinstall them and trying to back them up simply will not work

    the other way, would be to make an image of the drive with ghost.

    obviously this is over simplified as i would normally create an image with applications and settings to my liking...then load my backup

    what are the methods in osx that i have of backing things up? i know that the application installation process is somewhat different. is it possible to save an installed application by just saving the folder etc?
    does osx have an imaging tool? backup utility?

    the reason i'm asking is because i'm thinking about changing out the hard drive on my macbook somewhere down the line. also, i'd like to plan in the hopefully unlikely even that i have a current drive failure
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    Personally, I'd just use an external HDD and back up my "Users" folder (equivilent to the "Documents and Settings" folder on Windows). I also keep the install files for any apps that I've downloaded in a seperate folder, and back that up as well. I'm sure some apps may be able to be "copied" off, then copied back. I understand it works for some, but not all. I too plan on upgrading my MBP's HDD. I'll just do a clean install when that time comes. It's a great opportunity to do a custom install, and not load some of the BS that apple ships with the laptop. :hs: Carbon Copy Cloner and Silverkeeper are programs that can be used to back up data on a Mac. I've used Silverkeeper (came with my LaCie HDD) but haven't tried Carbon Copy Cloner yet. I'm thinking I'll just back up the data, and not worry so much about the applications. They can just be re-installed.
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    There is an imaging tool, you have to boot from a different source (install CD or emergency bootable cd) and use Disk Utility.
    Select the drive, or partition, and click New Image in the tool bar.
    But you also have to have a different drive to write the image to, external HDD is your best bet.
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    i use superduper.... works great

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