A&P how do i convert mov. to mpeg?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Three00ZeeX, Jul 23, 2002.

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    i want the file from my digi cam to work with realplayer or windows media but it will only open with quicktime. its a mov file and i wanna convert it to mpeg. thanks
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    If the .MOV file you're getting from your digital camera is absolutely huge, it's probably in raw DV format and can be opened/converted using whatever capture software came with your camera. If you purchase the $29 license for QuickTime 6 Pro, it will allow you to output as .AVI.

    Remember that .MPG is a very lossy format and, if you want to edit it later, you'll lose quality every time you open, edit and recompress/save it. If you want to get serious into editing, I highly recommend Discreet Cleaner which is what I use for final output on my G4 (also available for PC) after I've edited the final piece with Final Cut Pro.

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