how do i recover "missing" harddrive space??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by EDawg, Jul 28, 2004.

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    okay, i have a problem here. i've been making backup copies of DVDs using software such as DVD Shink and DVD X Copy. those programs compress the DVD files so that they will fit into one DVDR. these compressed files are stored onto my harddrive, where i then use Nero to burn them onto DVD. now all that is fine. the problem i am having is that after i have burned the DVD, i then delete the files of my harddrive. but for some reason, since the files are so large, they do not end up in the recycle bin, but instead just "vanishes" from the harddrive. so now supposedly these files are deleted, but yet i am not regaining any unused disk space. so basically i am losing a few gigs of HD space each time i make a backup of a DVD and now i am at the point where i only have 3 gigs left!! can someone please tell me how i can recover the HD space from thes huge files that i have supposedly deleted from my HD. i've tried doing a search the files in my HD, but supposedly they are no longer there. what the heck is going on??
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    nevermind. i figured it out. the files were norton protected.

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