MIL how do i transfer branches?

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    one time when my marine recruiter was out of the office, an army recruiter poached me while i was leaving and told me he can hook me up with a MOS in the army after i get out of marine boot camp with enlistment bonuses. i thought he was kidding but he said he was serious, he can get me a contract that switches me over to the army and with a similar MOS (at the time it was traffic management).

    can i still do this? can i join the air force and get a desk job? i've met navy E3's and E4's people in my MOS school and i've even met an army E5 during boot camp (honor plt guide no less).

    one of the motivation for me to do this would be just to see what life is like in another branch for the hell of it. heresy is that as a marine i don't go through basic training again but i can't find an actual reg that states this. though honestly i really kind of want to go through air force basic just for the hell of it. can i go to an AF recruiter and just ask for like a vacation pass?

    for officers:

    if i go through OCS/TBS i've heard that you can switch services. can i be an army lieutenant?
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