How do you boot from a USB external HD

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    How do you boot from a USB external HD when the BIOS doesn't recognize USB devices in the boot sequence?


    Bought a new PC a couple of months ago. It died and I'm returning it (RMA'd the motherboard & power supply and that didn't fix problem). I hooked up the HD to a very old backup PC I have at my house (an old Dell Dimensions 4500S P4 1.8Ghz) via a SATA to USB adapter since the backup PC does not have SATA inputs. I figured I'd change the BIOS and boot from the USB port and then transfer all my files to my backup external HD.

    The problem is, the BIOS doesn't allow me to boot from a USB device. And yes, I updated the BIOS and it still doesn't work. It's not even listed as an option.

    I realize I can just plug the HD into the USB port once Windows boots normally and then just drag files from the old HD to the new one. And that worked except for one encrypted folder.

    I have a program installed on the hard drive called Microsoft Private Folder that encrypts all the documents in it and is password protected. If I drag the documents from there without logging into the program, the files are unreadable. So, I need to boot the OS on the hard drive, log into the program, and then transfer the files after I've removed them from the encrypted folder.

    How can I boot the OS on the external HD when my BIOS doesn't allow me to boot from a USB device?
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    you can't

    should have used a SATA to IDE adapter
    or,.... instead of just dragging the files, use a backup/imaging software that will include the encrypted folder

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