How do you expand your stomache muscles without your waist growing too much?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by cntoo, Sep 16, 2005.

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    What are good exercises in which i could make my abs a bit bigger, they're flat right now. I want to expand them a bit. Should i be using a weight in my ab routines? How much should i do so i don't overdo it and get a huge waist?

    Also, what are good exercises for working out your core ab muscles (the ones underneath) as well as the ones on top, both upper and lower?
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    by incresing size your waist is gonna grow....
    My ab exercises
    Weighted leg raises you can do these with bands, chains, dip belt around your ankles or a DB between ur legs
    Bar sittups these can be done with a safety squat bar or a straight bar behind the head
    GHR situps, these are done on the GHR bench, put ur ass on the pad and ur feet between the holders, and do situps, I can barely do these, if you can do them easilly put a 25 pound plate behind your head, and then move to a bar or bands and chains
    AB cable/band pulldowns: You can do these at the cable pulldown machine, get a tricep rope and hold onto the balls and crunch!
    you can also do these with a GHRm and bands put the bands behind the fut pegs, your ass against the padd, and reach behind u and grab some bands, then do a crunch.
    Side bends and land mines
    side bends are done by holding a dumbell in one hand and bending to that side and back up and then repeating for the other side
    Land mines are done as follows
    you basically put a barbell in a corner or in a grapler and hold it up above your head, like how a t-bar row is put in a corner. then you rotate your arms to each side
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