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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by J12P, Dec 5, 2005.

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    After 10 years my boyfriend and I have called it quits. I am having a very difficult time with the whole situation. We have been together since high school, so obviously I have not been in any other serious relationships. I guess I am very lost on were to start picking up the pieces of my own life and begin the healing process. If things are not hard enough we are still living together and will be for probably another six months, which makes things that much harder. How do you move on when you still live with someone you love?
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    tough question to answer.

    I'm not sure I could move on if I were still living with said person. Especially if the break up isn't really mutual, which if you still love him I'm guessing that it's not really mutual.

    there are some of the healing processes that probably won't really begin until you are completely separated, physically, financially etc.
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    We just want different things out of life and attraction has diminished. We still love each other, but he wants one thing and I want another. There is no compromising either. Neither of us is going to change. The thing that makes things so difficult is that there is not animosity between us we get along great.
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    Well, is there any possibility to a healing glue attempt? I mean 10 years isn't nothing, its a sad thing to fall apart but you have to row with the peddles you have in life. And trying to extract those things from life that bring you happyness, and being beware not to fall in the hands of some godawfull guy that reduces your life to smithereens even more.
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