GUN how do you sell handgun to someone from out of state? any FFL holder here?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by s2k, Aug 25, 2009.

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    so if i want to ship via USPS, i bring my handgun to a FFL....and then what? what does he need to do?

    my FFL said the fee is going to be the same as a transfer (in my case, $25), he'll need to see the serial number before sealing the package, then i take it to USPS and pay for shipping :dunno:

    but if I ship it myself via Fedex/UPS overnight....i won't need to do any "transfering"........?

    i'm a little confused.......
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    he sends a copy of his FFL to you, you bring it and the gun to your FFL and say "ship it here, attn this guy" put a note in the box w/ his name & number and a copy of your DL. i'm not sure why the ffl is going to make you pay $25 and then make you ship it yourself. that seems pointless.



    eta: if you ship it yourself it has to go fedex or ups overnight, if an FFL ships it they can use usps priority. it usually comes out cheaper for the latter. this one shop in my town charges $20 flat to ship a handgun. another charges their ffl fee plus actual shipping. whatever. either way it's cheaper than fedex or ups overnight.
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    You can ship directly to his FFL. Basicly like this.

    Customer makes arrangements with his ffl then tells you where to ship the firearm. You get the money from the customer then you ship to his FFL. Customer then pays his FFL for transfer and other fees.

    This varies a little from state to state and each FFL may have their own requirements too. We mostly do pistols so we insist that the pistol be sent 2nd or next day air (might be a california thing) and recommend that it be insured. There needs to be a photo copy of the drivers licence of the person we are receiving the gun from. The address on the drivers licence has to be current because if we ship the gun back it is going to the address on the drivers licence. If the gun is going off to another FFL after we work on it and to another customer then we need both a copy of that customers drivers licence and that FFL's licence. We ship out all firearms 2 day air insured. Even if we can send ground we just want to minimize the handling, less chance it will get lost or stolen which is a major hassle we don't want to deal with.
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    You can ship as a private citizen via UPS or FedEx directly to his FFL. However, both UPS and FedEx have rules you need to follow, I usually use FedEx since I have an account and UPS never seems to actually know their own policy.

    With FedEx. For handguns it MUST go PRIORITY OVERNIGHT, not have any labeling on the box that indicates a firearm including the name of the recipient, so for instance I just sent something to Fusion Firearms, I cant use Firearms in their name, so I sent it to Fusion FA, and you must drop it at a FedEx sort facility, not Kinkos, no driver pickups, no drop boxes.

    Now, that said, no way they would really know if you give it to a driver since its not marked firearm anywhere, and for that matter wouldnt know if you sent it something other than priority overnight. However, if there were a problem with the shipment in some way, you'd have no leg to stand on if you dont follow their rules.

    FFLs have the ability to use shipping other than priority overnight, they can send 2 day as yar says and they can also use USPS which civilians are not allowed to do. So if you can get your FFL to ship it for you for just the cost of shipping and some minor fee, it might be less than doing it on your own overnight.

    Unfortunately, my FFL charges $35 for the service on top of shipping so it comes out about the same for me to just do it myself and ship priority.

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