How do you use Cool Edit Pro (similar software) to remove artifacts

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Saigo Takamori, May 4, 2004.

  1. I''ve ripped this one great song off a DVD that's not available anywhere else, unfortunately the beginning of the song is overlayed to the movie's own soundtrack -- not too bad, but there is clearly a beep/blip cue intended for the actors.

    I've managed to get it down to .5 seconds -- if that, but there is still an audible blip, and cutting it out would also cut out the intro vocal of the song.

    So, is there a plugin to polish or some how able to make this particular frequency less "pronounce"?

    There's an abundance of features within Cool Edit Pro, and one of those must be able to accomplish what I'm after, but I'm trying to edit this thing with absolutely no knowledge of what I'm doing. Maybe someone knows the technical term of "washing out" the high/lows frequencies; atleast with that much, I can go search through the HELP files.

    Here is the 27kb file, currently in .gif to circumvent OT's forbidden extension, but it works fine in winamp as is, or you can rename it. File is encoded in MP3, FYI.

    I'll go ahead and play around with the native plugins and see if I can track down a Cool Edit help forum of some kind.

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    Try using a parametric EQ filter centered at approximatly the frequency of the tone. If the tone is a pure sine, you can make the filter's Q (bandwidth) to be extremely narrow, and make the cut like 30 or 40dB. Doing so shouldnt affect the vocals too much if you make the filter narrow enough.
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    use a tone generator if you're not sure where to start to try to get a similar sounding tone...or if the freq response graph shows a spike in a certain area at the occurence, that could be it

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