How expensive is it to turn a PC into a Recording Station?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by JazzHound, Feb 8, 2003.

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    I want to make some demos of a few songs, dubs of coarse. I guess I need a good soundcard, mic, and a well insulated room. Is there anything else I'm neglecting ?

    I'd like to make both vocal and instrumental demos.. maybe even start up a page on to start with.

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    shit, the car, theres hella scrapes
    get a microphone :)

    and use sound recorder
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    I don't know much about pc sound recording, try the main off topic forum, i think Hisxlnc does a lot of home recording.
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    I am not really a microphone expert, but I can help with sound cards and software.

    First thing you want in a sound card is quality. I hate to sound like I plugging the company, but has a great selection of sound cards that balance quality with price.

    This is one of their pricier units, but it offers everything you could possible want. Digital in/out, XLR inputs with phantom power, MIDI, etc.

    As far as software is concerned, there is lots to choose from and it just requires finding one with the price, features, and interface you feel comfortable with. A nice risk free way to start recording is to download the FREE version of ProTools from All it requires is a stout computer and a
    decent sound card.

    Talk to soundguy about mics. And eventually you might want to look into a small mixer. Ask soundguy about that too.
  5. JazzHound

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    I was thinking of just using Sound Forge 4.5 or Cooledit Pro, both seem to have cool beginners features. I also have some other products from Sound Foundary (makers of Sound Forge) like ACid. And this other neat little drum machine tool called fruity loops.

    At this point I'm only going to do some basic songs and add a few dubs (vocals) over them, then later I'll get into instrumentals.. like house music and with jazz I'll probably play an instrument or two so I need a really good microphone to record it.

    I'll check those links, thanks for all the suggestions.

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