How far will cell companies go to keep your buisness.....

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LooneyTuned, Apr 24, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    I work at Best Buy (im in canada btw) and Bell Canada offers a cheap ass plan for phone for their employees on atleast a two year contract.

    400 daytime minutes
    free evening weekends(from 6pm-8am)
    Free Text Messaging /Internet Browsing
    Free Call Display, Call Waiting, Message Center(Voice Mail), Conference Calling(3-way)
    Touchbase Calling( Free calling to one number 20 times a month)
    Waived System Acess Fee, 911, and Activiation fee.
    and something else i forget right now..

    $35 +tax = the win, because i just paid a $53 phone bill and im pisssed because i still dont get enough time in the day.

    Im with fido right now, but im considering going on this plan, i plan to stay where i am for atleast two years (to finish my degree) so i dont mind going on contract. Im not on contract with fido but i might as well be.

    I wanna know if anyone has had any luck with companies matching these kinda deals, im not gonna tell Fido that this is a company discount plan, bu only that i can get this deal. Ill tell them ill go on contract if they can help me out, otherwise then ill tell them ill cancel.

    The reason i want to stay with fido is because i want a GSM fone. v80 or 710. but im getting fuckin shafted by these guys, and a Samsung a680(CDMA which is what is supported by Bell) doesnt seem to bad of a fone, but i want better.

    Has anyone ever had any luck trying to convince fone companies to match another companies plan?:hsd: Thanks, sorry its so long
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    that doesn't seem very special...

    I have US Cellular (best carrier in southern oregon, imo) and I get 1000 anytime minutes, free text messaging, caller id, call waiting, voice mail, 3-way, call-forwarding, etc, along with free mobile-to-mobile, unlimited nights/weekends, and free INCOMING calls...

    $35/mo... 1 year contract.
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    lucky, wish they provided coverage in Texas. something like that would cost twice as much here.

    My girlfriend goes with pre-paid, cuz she never knows how much she can afford each month for the bill. usually around $20-$40 though. They get you on everything though, i don't think ANYTHING is free, not even checking voice mail or stuff liek that.

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