MIL how hard to switch jobs within the same branch

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    let's say this year you enlist and sign up for job X. after 2 years for example, you've learned more experience want to switch to job Y? can you apply to switch before the enlistment contract expires? and how feasible is it?
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    i only know how the navy operates, so i will tell you how we do it.

    after two years you have the option to cross-rate if you are not satisfied with your job. it is not guaranteed, though. it depends on how manned your current rate is and whether or not the rate you want is over-manned. also, if you attend a tech school out of boot camp the navy will not want to send you to another after already spending money on your first school. but it depends on the situation.

    if you fail out of your tech school, you will be sent either undesignated to the fleet, or you will have the the opportunity to change rates to something less technical. this depends on the school, the rate, and the command though. moral of the story is take your time in picking a rate at MEPS. be sure it is something that sounds like you would enjoy doing. definitely don't bank on changing rates after two years.
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    In the army you pretty much have to re-enlist to change your MOS unless you're in an overstrength MOS and are going to something understrength. I also know you can go SF pretty much anytime you want and I remember at Fort Bragg a lot of guys were going to some new Civil Affairs type MOS w/o re-enlisting. But for the most part, just go infantry for a couple years and then re-enlist to SATCOM or something. That's what I wish I had done. Granted I'm still glad I'm SATCOM for the next 17 more years.

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