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    Hey OT so heres the story...

    I've met a girl in a bar and she was sober eyeing me up the night and i ended up going over to her chatting ended up with her number...

    We went out on Valentines day had a good night and met up again in the same bar when she went with her mates and i went with mine and had yet another good night out (things are getting physical.)

    Anyway last time i met her was a week from now we had an awesome night out we were even contemplating getting a hotel and i ended up asking her to be my GF which she said yes and since then i havent seen her for a week and a bit.

    I've made plans to see her yet she woke up late and we didnt end up meeting but somthing seems off with her for some reason and i dont think i can grip why i feel that anyway what would be the best move now? wait for her to ask me to meet up? it just seems weird that i asked her to be my GF and weve become distant

    thx - Jazz

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