How much could i get for my iBook?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by manchild, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Mar 16, 2005
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    So, I'm thinking about selling my iBook, as long as I can get a decent ammount of money.
    Its a G3, 800MHz. OS 10.3.9, 384MB of ram, combo drive, and a 30 gig HD. Airport card installed, and it'll come with a ton of programs.

    Just a few i've got installed.
    Virtual PC (with windows XP pro, like 150-200 dollars)
    Adobe Photoshop CS (version 8)
    Adobe ImageReady
    Microsoft Office
    Plus a ton of other must have freeware (OnyX, Quicksilver, Azureus, Stuffit expander etc.)
    Also the iLife suite, and over 8 gigs of Music in iTunes.

    15inch Model, comes with laptop, battery, and charger (and installed software, but no backup disks).
    Monitor is in good condition, no dead pixels, but there are a few like "marks" on it, that are like permandent smudges (not noticable). there is also one part that you can only notice when you have a white background, and its like a little weird shape (about 1 square cm) that is a little bit brighter than the rest of the screen. i can get pics of this too.

    Got a flat 9.00 Xbench, and i can take screen shots of that and some pics of the computer later.

    Any ideas on how much i could get? purchased it December of 2001, i belive the ACPP expired like a few years ago (i got a 2 year ACPP) but its weird, becuase whenever i call apple for assitance they allways say o I see you have an ACPP, and i get free repairs.
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    go on ebay and compare
    i think ive seen ones like yours go for ~ $5 to 600

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