how much is this worth??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by soul assassin, Jan 10, 2007.

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    i am looking to pick this up soon and trying for 600 is it worth it? here are the specs:

    I have a custom built computer with upgrades and xtras to go with it.. and it was built by a Class A+ Tech for me. the machine is awsome. and if you know your AMD CPU's then you know that this machine works as fast or faster then a 3.0 gig P-4 CPU. I am ipgrading to dual core CPU and going to a raid system on unix. that is why I am getting rid of this system.

    Computer: MSI board with an AMD +3100 1.9 gig Processor. aftermarket heatsink and cooling fin. 1 GIG of pc2700 Ram, Nvidia G Force 128MB video Card with S Cable out, Sound Blaster 24 bit Audigy SE 5.1 6.1 and 7.1 sound ability (awsome sound) 40 gig pata drive and a 80 gig sata drive. also has a flash drive and Ultra High Speed DVD/DCR re-writer. Comes in a Grey case with front panel lights, side panel venting for the CPU, A BIG fan, lights up blue with a variable relay on the back of the box so you can increase or decrease fan speed. 450 Watt Power Supply with blue led fan. all this is less then 4 months old. most of the upgrades have been done in the last 3 months. Comes with XP Professional with Service Pack 2 upgrades a few hundred dollars worth of software and goodies, also over 1000 dollars in music that I bought personally to go with it.

    Monitor: a 20 inch flat panel wide screen Mag Inovations monitor that is 4 months old. has Awsome resolution and color.. great for watching movies and gaming.
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    PC is $150, monitor is $120.

    $270 total (maybe $300 if you're lucky).
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    you could probably get 350 if it's a legit copy of xp pro.

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