A&P How much should I charge for this? What's industry standard?

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    A bank in Edmonton contacted me to do some shots of their building, employees, logo, and some family scenes.. here's an excerpt of the email:

    he theme:

    “Helping to build our customer futures”

    “Recognizing our employees”

    Some photograph ideas:

    Unique pictures of BMO signage (blue/red) as well as our chrome logo downtown Edmonton
    A couple of pictures of a few employees standing in front of our trademark welcome sign (located in the foyer area of most of our branches)
    5 pictures: 1 picture of a couple plus a child holding up a house picture saying “ our first home”, next picture would be the same kid holding up a sign saying my “my own bedroom” , another picture of a different kid holding a poster saying “my savings”, the next person is a student holding a sign saying “making my dreams come true”, the last an elderly couple holding up a sign saying “enjoying retirement”

    Pretty cheesy, but it's money, and it's work, a good opportunity. Anyway, waht do most people charge for this? They know I'm a student, so they know I'm not going to want anything similar to professional pricing..

    I guess it must depend on what it's being used for? If it's for advertising puposes, it's worth alot more than if it's just for office hangin and whatnot. I'll email him and ask what it's for, but does anyone have any tips or advice?

    Thanks OTAP :love:
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