ART How much to repair a broken shutter? Anyone know

1992 240SX

New Member
Jan 10, 2004
Long Beach, CA
Yeah, my D70s mirror goes up when I click it, it gives me the double E and doesn't go back down til I click it again with nothing being recorded. I just got off the phone with Nikon to see how much it would be to repair but they're useless...they want me to send it in and then give me an estimate, like they've never encountered this problem before. I'd like to have it as a back-up, even though I love my D700 I do miss the 1/500 sync speed of the 70 and hell, if it's not too much it would be good to have two bodies. I just don't wanna send it in and they tell me it's like $200 to fix. At that point I'd be better off buying a used one off CL or Ebay. Anyone have any idea how much it is to fix?

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