How of ten can I polish & wax?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by luvthong, Aug 12, 2002.

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    So, I polished & waxed my 86 Honda Civic(my beater) on the weekend and it looks good now. I used Armor All polish & Turtle wax, my question is, how often can I wax? If I wash my car, will it take off the wax that I just put on? Do I do the same procedures like, wash, polish & wax again? or just wash & wax is ok?? I'm new to wax so please bear with me, thanks.:cool:
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    If you used Turtle wax, you will probably have to rewax in 4-5 weeks. Most of their products do not last very long. If you don't want to have to wax very often, try a polymer or synthetic wax like Meguiars Polymer #20, Klasse AOI or the Zaino's system. If you don't mind waxing every 3 months or so, Meguiars #26, P21S (which you can buy at Harley shops as S100 for $10 less!), Mother's Carnuba or one of the Pinnacle waxes will work fine.

    As long as you use car wash soap, washing will remove only very small amounts of wax. Rain will remove small amounts of wax, and so will exposure to the wind and dust. That is why even good conventional waxes only last about 3 months. Synthetic waxes can last longer, but something like Zainos is much more expensive initially and there is considerable prep involved for the first application. It lasts for several months though.
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