How often are you really supposed to wax your car?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Turboed_2, Oct 8, 2002.

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    Like the topic says, I'm curious now. I waxed my car about 2 months ago with Zymol. I know that it's just a cleaner wax and it's nothing too great, but today out of boredom, I used a little bit of Mothers carnuba wax (the stuff that comes in their Clay Bar Kit) on my car and did the wing a little and the applicator pad that I used had plenty of black on it, which makes me wonder if maybe I'm not waxing it enough, or do black (or darker) cars just get oxidized easier than other cars?
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    First off, it is likely if you have a black turbo MR2, it doesn't have a clear coat, so any black that is coming off is dead paint.

    With a non clear coated car, don't go more than 6-8 weeks without rewaxing it. Also, use a separate polish and wax for a better shine.

    Try using a swirl remover product first to remove dead paint, follow with a glaze, then a good carnuba based wax like Meguiars #26, Mother's California Gold or S100 (see the thread about high end wax). Check the product list for specific swirl removers and glazes.

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