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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by DrK_Mrk_iV, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I'm a freshmen in college. I'm doing great in all my classes, going to parties, have a girlfriend, good family life, ect. I am content with my life for the most part, but...

    I really have no strong desires to do anything (job wise, girl wise, hobby wise). How can I stimulate myself to start having a passion for things? I really don't "love" my girlfriend, or really like hooking up with her... My twin sister who got pregnant in highschool kind of killed that aspect, or maybe I'm not really in to my girlfriend. I guess I kind of feel I can't love. Maybe I'm waiting for the right person to come along? How will I know this? How can I spark a passion for a major/job as well? Research? Sure I've got a few things I would like to persue, but that's about it. Nothing I'm passionate about. Sorry if this kind of seems like a rambling post... But any help would be great.
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    The most important thing in life is your loving interaction with others , the fact that you don't love your gf is what is eating you alive. Love is supreme, there is nothing in the universe that can make you happy exept love. I don't think that the pregnancy of your twin sister should kill that, simply because you live your own life and decide for yourself wether you want kids or not, don't hold back your love for your gf. I think that you simply need something additional in your life, how about volenteering it sounds weird at first but you have no idea how many people could use your help you could do something that actually makes people appreciate what you are doing.
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    If you aren't too into your girlfriend then maybe you should do her a favor first and break it off with her. It's not fair if she is into you and you are just dragging her along for a temporary ride because you have nothing better to do.

    About your life, that is up to you. There has to be stuff that you enjoy doing. Become more active in things that you enjoy or start trying new things. It sounds like you simply settle with what falls into your lap because you don't have the motivation to change things. Kind of like you girlfriend. Understand that everyone, especially you, deserves happiness and can find happiness. It is much better to actively seek happiness than to sit there and do nothing.

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