How to choose a good and appropriate DVD Ripper for you.

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    If you own a portable device that you can and you want to watch videos, movies burnt on your DVD on it, you need a DVD ripper. This includes devices like the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPhone, Zune, PSP and others. If you want to store your DVD movies on your computer or a hard drive, you need DVD ripping software too.

    With a DVD ripping software, you will be able to rip and convert your DVD discs to a format that is compatible with some of the most popular portable media players available, such as the previously mentioned iPod, Zune, PSP and others.
    Then you would ask how to choose a DVD Ripper, since there are so many DVD ripping software if you search the item through search engine. Here I would like to share the tips I have collected with you.

    First things first, the quality exported video. The most important thing is that whether you can get the output video with your expected quality. And the accompanying factor is the profile the DVD ripping software has, whether it has enough options in the profile setting or profile list for your options. If it has plenty of profile options, it can save you a lot of time on setting the parameters. If you need to output high quality video, I suggest you try Pavtube DVD Ripper, or Moyea DVD Ripper.

    The second thing is the ripping speed. You want a program that will be able to rip your DVD videos to the right format as fast as possible. Besides, you would not want to wait a whole day just to rip one movie, would you?

    Third, you should try to look for a program that will be able to rip DVDs in batch mode. A batch mode allows you to rip just certain chapters of the DVD. Or, if you are ripping a DVD that contains TV series, you will be able to tip only the episodes you want to rip. You might also only want to rip the DVD audio and not the video.

    Fourth, the usability of the ripper, in other words, whether it is convenient to use. If it is too complicated to operate, and the instruction is confusing then you might want to kick it out. Look for a DVD ripper program that you can operate it with ease.
    Fifth, whether the developer provides quality customer support and a free trial version. In the best case scenario, you will be able to try out the program before you buy and you will be able to get email support if you need it. And if it is possible, you’d better find a trial out version without water mark on the exported video.

    The last but not the least, if you need to Rip DVD to one format or to videos that are supported by one device, for example, iPod only, you can choose DVD to iPod Ripper, and it would be less costly.

    Hope above information could be of some help to you.
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    Yeah, we kinda have a gentlemen's agreement to not talk about things like this, so the forum won't get in trouble for encouraging piracy.
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    I hope you didn't spend too much time thinking about that...

    SlySoft AnyDVD > decryption
    SlySoft CloneDVD > copy/clone/iso creation
    SlySoft CloneDVD Mobile > rip and encode to any format
    all of which give you plenty of quality/size controls and other options.


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