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Sep 29, 2008
How do I Start making money ?

Before you learn how to start , I suggest the reading of this 3 posts to know more about PTCs :

- What are PTC sites ?
- How does PTCs work ?
- How to receive the payments ?

How do I Start making money?

1) Create an account in that are a "online bank" completely safe where you will receive the money from ptc sites , and then you can get it in various ways (such as bank transfer).

2) Join in the various PTC sites presented on the blog. You can see in
If at the beginning you want to join, in only a few sites to "try" I recommend these:

The registration at each site is always done in the same way, only ask for username, password, email (to contact) and email AlertPay / PayPal (for payments).

Then you have to login (this is obvious).

3) After you enter in your account you will have a series of "buttons / options" that could explore later, what matters now is to know how to make money.
Click on the button called "View Ads" or "Surf Ads" (depends on each site), and you will see a list of ads (links). Click in one and will appear a new window (with an ad) and above will appear some numbers in countdown, only when it reaches zero you may close and click on the next ad , and next .......
In some sites may appear a "bar" instead of numbers, it is easy to understand when it comes to an end.
Each ad takes on average 30 seconds.

4) Now the rest depends of each one of you, which decides if see ads every day or not, how many sites join in and how many time have for these "clicks". If you click on multiple ads from various sites at the same time you save some time. It depends on the sites but for example in 20 minutes I can see the ads of 8 / 9 sites , if I see the ads of multiple sites simultaneously.

If you have any doubt about this please send me an E-MAIL , I will be glad to help
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