How to get rid of these hologram/swirl marks? Pics included

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Dracord, Jul 20, 2006.

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    I just recently did a wash, claybar, Poorboys SSR2 (PC7424 with Sonus Cutting Pad) Meguiars Swirl Free Polish (PC with Cutting Pad) Poorboys EX (PC with Applicator/Buffing Pad) topped with S100 (PC with Applicator/Buffing Pad)

    Car looked great in the sun so I went out to get some pictures. On just a few, I noticed some marks along the door so I went back to look and couldn't see them close up, and could only catch them at certain angles furthur away. THey didn't look like the typical swirl marks which are viewable in all lights, but they sure are ugly when seen.


    Just an example from a different view where they kind of disappear


    I'm just wondering if this is due to improper use with my PC
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    Direct cause...not letting the abrasive break down enough.
    Secondary cause...useing to much polish, so the abrasives roll over the lubricants.

    Use a little less product, and take your time.

    You should be able to go back over it with teh swirl free polish, and a clean polishing pad, and gett hem out.

    Then apply the EX with a foam finishing pad, and top it with the S100 by hand (i find it works better this way).
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    Either micromarring or maybe when buffing off the wax you didn't get all and the wax streaked. Really hard to tell from the pics.
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    Good point.

    Forgot about that.

    Thanks Scott. Good to know someones watching my ass. :mamoru:

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