how to make my stereo sound better!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Guest, May 5, 2002.

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    okay i am just inquiring about this........

    i have an 89 cavalier z24.........NO foldback seat's....

    JVC KDLX3 kameleon deck.
    Alpine V12 400 watt amp.
    2-10" Mobile Authority Sub's, 400w
    one double bandpass box they fit in....

    my stereo goes up to 50, sub level goes to 8,

    I put on a good cd, put level to 8, then put volume around 25...........good hard pounding bass right?...right!..

    put the volume up a bit more to about 40, music gets somewhat loud, and bass goes down sounds decent inside the car, but i cannot get anyone to hear it OUTSIDE of th e car,...........i know i know the stereo is for u to listen to , not other's, but i've been dying to drive down the street thumping ppls homes!.......

    what can i adjust/add to my system to make a more p ungent pound?


  2. LegendTodd

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    more power, more cone area, spl oriented box
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    you have any canadian sites todirect me to for an SPL box?.........i can get one custom made , bu it's to expensive, i have about 500 bux to spend now, i know i can get nother amp. from a&b sound, another v12 400 w for 200-300.........that would help?
  4. LegendTodd

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    I would reccomend building one yourself. Which MA subs are you running currently? By SPL oriented box I mean a ported box tuned for SPL, what kind of box are you running now?
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    i dont know the exact name but they are Mobile Authority 400w sub's, they are black with silver MA logo in the middle..........very heavy an d very good considering i got them wholesale 50 buck a piece, my box costed me 80 bucks, and basicaly it's just a double bandpass with 1 port hole onthe left ando ne on the right, and a piece of plexiglass in the middle, im assuiming u know this kinda box construction
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    First of all, perhaps your powerwire/ground is not sufficient? You should be using at least 8awg wire for the power and ground. If you use less than that, you are going to get a voltage drop in your sytem, and depending on the power supply configuration of your amp it is going to have problems living up to its 400w rating. Second of all, the bandpass box you have is most likely crap, if it came with the speakers, as in made by MA, then it might not be so bad, but I bet it is prefab, which means it is not designed properly for those woofers. If the box is prefab, then I suggest you either build a new one using a proper ported box, or have a shop design one for you. Be warned that shops usually charge an arm and a leg though. Or those subs you have might just be total crap. Be aware though that 2 10" subs do not have that much cone area, and their maximum displacement is gonna be kinda low, which is going to affect your maximum SPL. The sub in my avatar has about 13 times more displacement than one of your subs, or almost 7 times more displacement than both. A doubling of displacement is equal to about 6dB so my sub is probably 16dB louder than yours. This is given ideal circumstances though. Of course my sub will need A LOT more power to reach its full excursion. Still thats like a difference between 130dB and 146dB. Perhaps if your system isnt loud enough, you need more speakers and amps?

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