how to reformat mybook HD for a mac

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by REDandBLACKpack, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I will BOLD the last part since I keep adding to this page. The bold lines are where my current questions are.
    I just got my 750 GB WD mybook home edition HD. how do I format it to work with my mbp?

    edit: do i just follow the instructions they provided? im not sure if that is for formating or not.

    I am using firewire.

    it shows 4 steps:

    1) click on the drive on my home screen
    2) click on WD Mac tools
    3) clck on buttonmanager.dmg
    4) click on we anywhere back up.dmg

    edit 2: i dont have step 3. when i click on wd mac tools it only have 2 items, one of which is number 4.

    edit 3: i think ive got it working. i installed WD anywhere backup and now i am hopefully going to be transferring my music and movies to the HD. i figured id start with that. any tips? this is my first external HD.

    ok now it says that in 30 days I will have to buy the WD anywhere backup application. is there a way that I can just move files directly over to the HD and also save directly to the HD?
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    Yes, you just have to give the drive a mount point. If you were using *nix, I could tell you how to do that, but I have no idea how it's done with a Mac.

    (mount points are similar to drive letters in Windows, only they show up as folders instead.)
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    Nobody has told this guy how to format his drive?

    REDandBlack, go to your Utilities in your Applications folder and run Disk Utility. It's pretty self explanatory from there.

    What the fuck are you doing in here if you can't provide any help.
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    Bit of a strange issue I ran into recently with a new 1TB Seagate FreeAgrent Pro. It comes formatted for NTFS. When you attempt to format it for HFS+, it fails every time. Turned out you had to format it for FAT32, then repartition it for GUID, then format it for HFS+ to get it to work. Strange issue but it seems many people ran into the same problem and that's the work around.

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