How to use Automatic Time on Win2000

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    For those of you still using Windows 2000 (I do, both on my old laptop and on my server), as well as those of you using Windows Server 2003 with an aftermarket firewall, I thought I'd share with you how to use the Automatic Time setting. It took me months to gather all the pieces of the puzzle (though I wasn't trying very hard, granted).

    1. Go to and find out the web address of the server that serves time closest to where you live.

    2. Run these DOS commands:

    net stop w32time
    net time /setsntp:[the name of your time server here, not including "http://"]
    net start w32time

    3. Click on the Start button, select "Run", and run "services.msc". Find the "Windows Time" service, right-click and open its Properties sheet, and set it to Automatic mode.

    4. (here's the part that took me so long) Go to your firewall application and make a new rule that allows UDP traffic in both directions through local port 123. To make the connection a little more secure, you can limit the traffic to communicating only with SERVICES.EXE.

    There you go. Took me a long-ass time to figure all that out. Hope it helps someone with a Windows-based server, or perhaps an old laptop with a dead CMOS battery that won't remember the time by itself anymore. (that's why I needed it :cool:)

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