how would you troubleshoot the MBP's video card?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gui3, May 29, 2009.

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    i have an 09 unibody MBP; only change is 4GB of crucial RAM, which hasn't given me any problems on any of my other macs, etc.

    i haven't had a single problem with the machine until two days ago, when it freaked-the-fuck-out...the video went nuts, there was a loud repeating beep coming out of the speakers, and the computer went unresponsive. i had to pull the battery.

    i restarted, and it was back to normal. reset the PRAM, did a real problems.

    then i noticed that some video effects seem to go a little wonky. scrolling a file list (smooth scrolling) gets a little weird, and switching into spaces view shows just a bit of screwed up video. it's hard to describe.

    i'm thinking that the video card might be screwed up. how would you trouble shoot just the video card?
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    i'd troubleshoot it by taking it into Apple and having someone with knowledge look at it.
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    Take it to Apple. My boss' video card just took a shit on his 17" MBP. Known issue.

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