HOWTO: Restore a Norton Ghost image to a Microsoft Virtual Machine

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    After a bit of trial/error, mainly involving Norton Ghost's incredibly finicky behavior, I managed to come up with this set of steps to successfully restore a Norton Ghost image to a Microsoft Virtual Machine.

    1. Use a DVD-burning app to create an .ISO image containing the Norton Ghost image.

    2. Mount the .ISO image as a virtual CD-ROM drive using Microsoft Virtual CD. Select the options to suppress UDF and Joliet formats. If you're creating a Ghost Image server, also select the option for the mount-point to persist after rebooting.

    3. Use Norton Ghost to generate a set of CD/DVD boot disks. Use the included PC-DOS operating system; don't bother futzing with installing MS-DOS.

    4. Launch Microsoft Virtual PC or Virtual Server and boot the virtual machine that will receive the Ghost image. Capture both the physical floppy drive containing the Ghost boot disk, and the virtual CD-ROM drive containing the Ghost image.

    5. Once Norton Ghost finishes loading, restore the Ghost image from the virtual CD-ROM drive the same way you would restore any Ghost image.

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    If you're restoring a Ghost image of a real machine onto a virtual machine, or vice-versa, you'll need to load the Windows Repair Console from a Windows Install CD and repair the Hardware Abstraction Layer so it can interface with the new hardware that the image will run on. If you don't do this, the image will most likely bluescreen and reboot. This guy can describe the process of repairing the HAL better than I can:

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