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    First off, I do not claim to be an audiophille, so for right now(until my wife finishes college), I am going to stick with a pretty basic system. The Yamahas/Athenas/Polks/Onkyos at BB and CC are fine for now. I don't have the descerning ear that most of you do, although I can tell you I don't like the sound of Sony's speakers!

    On to my quesiton:

    I have a small(basically 2.1) setup right now running from my Mitsu 48413. My receiver is capable of 5.1, and I am looking to fill the rest of the connections. My question is, I already have a 10" sub, and okay bookshelfs that will be used as rear surrounds. What setup would you recommend to optimize my HT? The living room is 15x15.5', and I sit about 10' away from the screen.

    I could keep what I have and:
    1. Buy two towers and use my TV as a center.
    2. Buy two towers and a center.
    3. Buy two more bookshelfs, use them as fronts, and a center.

    I keep hearing that if you have a decent sub, that you don't need the towers for bass, then I turn around and hear the exact opposite.

    I am only looking to spend an additional $500-600 for the this "stage" of speakers. Remember, my wife is a broke college student!

    BTW, my future rear surrounds are Bose model 100's, :greddy: that I picked up from a friend for $20. Good deal IMO. The sub is a Kenwood, and the receiver is a SONY. I think it's illegal to type that on here isn't it? ;)

    A 4th option, would be to sell what I have and pick up the HTIB 6.1 Onkyo for $500 at CC. Not sure if that's the best option though. I listened to it today and it sounded okay for what I want/need.

    Thanks in advance! Any suggestions would be great, I'm still a noob at this stuff.

    BTW, also being picky and trying to keep everything black in color.

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