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  1. i would appreciate some help with my html assignment!
    this is the finished product i need

    it's going okay for me so far but what keeps screwing me up is the table within a table within a table (so on) there are so many tables!! this is the html i have so far (below) but it's not making the part that says "table 3 goes here" go in it's proper spot, which would be on the right side (table 3 is suppose to be the news, sports etc.) i'm so frustrated could someone please help me out and make this whole table within a table thing more clear to me!!?? thank you so much.


    <BODY BGCOLOR="#f4f7fc">

    <TITLE>My Info Center</TITLE>

    <!--MAIN TABLE-->

    <TABLE WIDTH="760"

    <TR HEIGHT="50">
    <TD COLSPAN="2" BGCOLOR="#275b9c" ALIGN="CENTER"><IMG SRC="myInfoCenter.gif"></CENTER></TD>

    <TABLE WIDTH="100%"

    <!--Second Table-->

    <TR WIDTH="50%">

    <TABLE WIDTH="380"

    <TR BGCOLOR="6787BB"
    <TD WIDTH="50%">

    <TD>Table 6 Goes Here</TD>

    <!--Second Table Ends-->


    <TD>table 3 goes here</TD>


    <TABLE WIDTH="760"

    <TR HEIGHT="50">
    <TD COLSPAN="2" BGCOLOR="#275b9c" ALIGN="CENTER"> <P>© 2004 ***** <BR>
    Red River College <BR>
    Site Designed by ******</P></TD>



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    Is it a requirement to use tables? Because for a site like this I believe CSS would be more appropriate. When you are designing a site you should always keep your content separate from your design. It will make your code easier to read, and more compatible

    i was bored.
    15 min layout.

    google search comes up with a lot of tutorials on css layouts, please read a few and kind of follow my example, the personal satisfaction of learning and doing should keep you from stealing my code, i hope it helps as a guide though.
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