Hyper Editing vs. Quick Cuts

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    A friend and I got into a discussion of what's the definition of hyper editing. I described hyper editing as a technique used to show suspense in a scene. Eg: 28 Weeks Later. I described quick cuts as more of a transition. Eg: Hot Fuzz or many of Edgar Wrights movies.

    thoughts? or possibly a site with the def for both to solve the mystery?
  2. i've never really heard the term "hyper editing" in my years of doing editing work and short films. i know the technique though, and if pulled off, it can be real effective. for 28 weeks later and shawn of the dead, their real fast cuts were real effective and hit the audience hard.

    with other cuts, such as L-cuts or J-cuts or other cuts like that, it's actually used a lot in trailers. it adds a lot of emotion to the trailer if used with the right dialogue.

    but quick cuts as a transition? what exactly do you mean by quick cuts? a transition is just a transition, usually done with an L-cut (where hear a person talking during the ending of the previous scene, but don't see that person talking until it's cut to after the scene ends). 80% of transitions are done that way in movies. the only media that transitions from one scene to another without any special edit or cut is used in mainstream broadcast such as a TV show like friends or any other sitcom. they usually just cut to an establishing shot of an apartment or hospital and then cut to the scene.

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