SRS I am at my breaking point

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Phazel, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Phazel

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    Apr 23, 2004
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    Said I'd never post here again due to the fact Coottie is the "know it all" and you are shit

    I am a bit sad cos i spent a while typing only ot be told i used a "nasty" word.So I am reallly confused as to their defintion of "Nasty" word but so my fingers dont fall off,i will be VERY discreet i guess we can say-
    Finally to my point/question.I do need to tell you what Med's i am on at this time,what Med's i have or can have so you can get my problem and please i hope someone has some good news for me because i am scared.

    I am in a Methadone clinic for H-addiction(i think THAT maybe was their "Nasty" word??)
    Anyway I am on 180 Mg's of Meth,and have been on Methadone in the clinic for 4 1/2 years.
    I am also taking about 8 Mg's of Xanax a day (4 sticks-the Oblong breakable Xanax,I'm sure you know)

    But incase my Mg thing isn't right with that,Thats how many I am taking.
    Ok,so nows here the problem,my clinic doesnt allow us to use Benzo's-so I mess around the Urine tests-I have to cause they will kick me off the clinic,
    But the REAL bigger problem is i just want off of them totally.They've ruined my life.I've become Nasty,amoung many things,and I have no doctor so i have to rely on the street to supply me-so every day its russian roulette-you know?
    so HOW can i do this by myself without a hospital-because like I said my clinic cannot know-AND i have a child i CANNOT loose,and i AM a single dad,with No family to take care of my baby if i went in to a treatment place for I am all on my own hopefully i can get some advice to make me feel better all I haerd is horror stories i;m tired of it..
    Ok,now i was on Paxil,and Trazadone before i got hooked on the Xanax.And i also was given some Klonodin-the Blood Pressure pill's-I was told they give them to people's detoxing off of Benzo's,but ehy make me feel very very sick so I dont know how that even can work.
    So my questions are-

    *Of course 1st one is what is the best way to do this?
    *Should I slowly taper off?-although i need to do it alittle faster because like I've stated I have NO doctor for this,so ANY day i could have alot less then usual-
    *Should I taper off-But with using another medication-like the Klonodin-do they work for that?
    *Also HOW fast can or DO i taper off them,and''''
    *What about starting the Trazadone to help me sleep,and/or the Paxil also?
    *Will being on such a high dosage of Methadone help me in ANY way with the withdrawl PAIN?someone said that to me once...
    *Having a seizure scares me the most,how likely is that,that it can happen?

    So i think that about wraps it up,i pray that one of oyu has some or alot of you has MANY suggestions,ideas,knowledgeable experience in this situation..after reading a few of the other posts you all seem very cool,so please please please please somehow,someway,someONE help,before I loose the rest a my life and self...
    Now if I said ANY "NASTY" words i am sorry,really---ANd to all who read this thankyou also,just writing helps..

    cliffs i am at my breaking point
  2. ~stangzorized~

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    Aug 7, 2003
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    Santa Rita, Guam.
    I was on Methadone for quite a while, it can be a very dangerous drug..especially mixed with Benzos. If you aren't prescribed the benzos then why are you taking them?

    I personally wouldn't bother with tapering off that stuff, it's too dangerous to do it by yourself. First thing you need to do is go talk with a drug & alcohol counselor. Tell them EVERYTHING. Don't leave a single thing out. They've pretty much heard it all and can steer you in the right direction.
  3. Coottie

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Huh? I'm a know it all? Not hardly. I'm just trying to share my experience strength and hope with others.

    And I'm shit? Uhm...ok but there's no reason to be rude.

    Sorry if I have offended you in the past but I honestly don't know where that would have happened.
  4. Skeletor

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    It's really the only solution for you it sounds.
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