SRS I am having a hard time balancing friends.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by BradUF, Jun 2, 2007.

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    I have been trying to be more social lately. Trying to be friendly with everyone and do something with all of my friends and I have made a ton of friends this term but the problem I keep running into is that none of my friends want to do the same thing. I just don't know how to be that social guy who can keep everyone as a friend. They require maintenance and if you don't give one friend enough time then they stop talking to you and they no longer really are a friend. How do I expand my social network and keep my old friends?
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    By organizing events.

    My cousin has a friend pool consisting out of at least 23 friends. Im not sure who does it, but they have festivities, and large gatherings. Drinking parties, pool parties, concert parties, fun fair parties, bowling parties, big hall parties, and what not. The basic gist however is to invite them all at a grand party and have a great time. And casually when no huge events take place, invite 5 people to home during the weekends, maby other small events. Thats how they keep in touch, oh and lots of sms's and mobile phone convo's. Just keep the finances well in check if your going for such a lifestyle.
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    Well we are doing all you can drink at the bowling alley. I am trying to get everyone to go but so far I only have 5 people. I know a ton of people but people seem unwilling to do things like this. They are all about going to parties and finding girls. I just run into so many problems trying to do stuff like that all the time because some of my friends can't afford the life style but I can and it is what I enjoy to do. I can afford to go drop 50 bucks in a night. Like last night, we had friends come over but one couldn't afford to go out at all so the other people left. I can't blame him for not having the money because I know he doesn't but everyone wanted to go out.

    Also, sometimes it seems impossible to get people together. Last night we called everyone up and no one wanted to do anything. My whole group of friends don't really seem to make things happen, we just gather and go to a party.

    I have met some more people at school but they don't really ever come out because they have girl friends. They say it doesn't feel right to go to parties.

    I guess what I am trying to do here is be the leader of the group and organize events, like you said. How do I get people do the stuff though? I guess I just have to keep expanding my friends until I get people who will do stuff all the time a make a tighter knit group.
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    just hold bbq's and get togethers for your friends...don't call it a party...just ask people if they want to come by and hang out
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    Myspace. The only reason I'm on myspace is to keep in touch with those friends that I only see a few times a year.
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    Well it looks like I got 10 people to go out Tuesday. I just hope it does not fall through at the last min. Also, a ton of my friends will be meeting each other for the first time because my friends are kinda seprate.

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