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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Supersaiyanhonda, Mar 13, 2003.

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    I tried this on the main forum but obviously.....I didnt get any were so I guess It is better suited in this forum instead

    Ok OTer's, I need some help from a good code programmer and I know we got some good coder's in here.

    This is what I need. This prog needs to delete stuff without the user knowing and this is how it needs to work. Say I dont want this person to play any windows games i.e Freecell, Hearts, Solitare, etc....(also the things to be deleted needs to be user defined) and he activates Freecell, I need this program to recognize this and automatically delete said game. The reason why I want it to do this is because I know that he has certain games backed up on disk and as soon has he see's that they are gone he'll try and put it back on the HD. So obviously, this program has to be running in the background with out him knowing.

    Don't worry...I am not a game Nazi....its just that I have had some of my own personal stuff on this computer and this sorry fucker keeps deleting my shit....so I want to get him back.....all he ever does all day is play these fucking games and I want him to pay .......DEARLY.

    Oh and one more thing.....I am trusting this program to not be a Harddrive formater.....and a hidden virus, trojan or something like that. Pleeeeeease help me out on this.

    P.S. For that person that makes me a good program, I'll make sure that there is something in it for you.....:big grin: For a hint.....I custom make things out of metal.......
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