SRS I am really hurting right now

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by CaiWooBlue, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Even after taking my pain medicine, I hurt so badly tonight. I am in tears, and I know that it wont get any better. The meds will help me fall asleep and relax me so i wont care as much that it hurts but thats about all. Tonight its mostly my elbows, I cant even stretch them out fully lately without them hurting badly. And my fingers constantly ache. Nerve pain is so different than any other pain I have experienced. Worse that labor and healing from a c-section even.

    He hasnt compained, and he is so helpful and caring, but I am sure that my husband is getting tired of it. I had to wake him up today (he sleeps in the days as he works overnight) to fucking tie my shoes as I was having a bad moment and had to get them on so I could pick my son up from school. I drop my toothbrush, the hairbrush... I get behind on housework as it makes my arms so tired.

    My son has started using the excuse that his hands hurt when he is trying to get out of doing something. Hes 4. I know he doesnt think thats what I am doing, but it still hurts to hear.

    Im sorry, Im just being a baby, but I just needed to get this off my chest tonight to someone that doesnt hear it all of the time.

    Back story :Some of you may have read my thread a while back about the carpal tunnel.

    Turns out after nerve tests and muscle tests and orthopedist and neurologist visits and steroid injections and all that jazz... the only option I have is surgery. Carpal tunnel in both wrists, plus I have ulnar nerve entrapment in both elbows and nerve damage in my hands..... So I am taking pain meds around the clock. Non narcotic in the day, as I have a young one and dont need to be doped up around him all of the time. Plus ive had to up my antidepressant and its really getting to me.

    Cant's have surgeries till after Jan. I need 4 in all, and there is no guarantee that my hands will ever get better.
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    hope the surgery works out for you

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