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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by diesel, Jun 12, 2005.

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    man i am soooo depressed... bipolar runs in my family, but i have been diagnosed with depression.. i don't think i have bipolar because i do not have huge mood swings... i am 27 years old and living with my parents... i moved out several times and got into trouble and moved back home.. i am a shy/introvert so when i got into trouble, it was more following the wrong sort of people, not things i would normally do on my own...

    i guess what is depressing to me is being at home and being 27.. currently i owe like 15K to my dad for back IRS taxes that he helped me get a loan to pay off... i am waiting to get that paid off (normal $386 payments per month).. it will take me until mid 2008 to get this completely paid off.. i currently make around 20k a year after taxes.. which comes out to around 612 dollars per month left after paying my bills (car insurance and misc stuff)... i could double up on payments with my father but then i feel like i would not have money to spend on clothes and doing fun stuff to get me away from my depression.. i was raised very sheltered when i was younger and was never taught the value of the dollar because my father has so much of it, i was given whatever i wanted... i feel like i am in a deadend point in my life... i want to go to college (which is expensive) and i need to get a new car (used)... i just paid mine off but its in hella shape.. and its a 95... i wanted to get a car under 10 grand but if you really want a car that will last and that is worth a damn i gotta pay a little over 10 grand which means i will have another car payment... i just feel really lost right now... and envious of those with high paying jobs and living the life.. i constantly stress about money and live paycheck to paycheck.. if i made more money, i think i would be a happier person because i wouldnt be so stressed... i am currently dating a woman with schizophrenia, bipolar, ptsd, and bpd.. i met her by going to a depression help meeting.. she has been getting worse and worse.. i feel like i am her caretaker instead of her bf.. i really want out but i don't want to hurt her... i dont know what to do... :(

    any opinions?!?! i had to get this off my chest.. i am sitting at work in a call center bored out of my mind and depressed not wanting to get off work and have to go see her..
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    :hug: don't worry, we all at sometime need to learn how to flip a penny twice.

    If you earn 20k , a year, then you could pay of your debt to your dad in one year.

    20k - 15 = 5 k

    5k / 12 = 416$ a month left

    We need to take in account your 'other' expenses, and look how we can reduce them to achieve this goal.

    I love debt solving , and i use my 2/3 method usually as an advisory to other people to pay off their debts.

    The basic idea of this is that you use 2/3 of your income on debt solvement, and 1/3 for livelyhood. Further i have a spiritual book for you that saved me from depression + suicide.

    No matter how deep a soul has fallen, there is always a way out.
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    Yup, just do the math.

    Forget the new/used the one you have till it moves no longer or the maintenance costs outweights any benefit of keeping it. My car is a 92.
    Of course I want a new car, but goddamn it feels good not having to pay monthlies on it.

    Don't look to buying things like "clothes & stuff" right now as a temporary bandaid for your depression. You're adding to the problem. Keep a small fun budget for yourself each month (calculated just like DarkEternal suggested) and then just do what you can to pay off your dad as fast as possible.

    Get out of debt and it will feel like a huge weight is lifted. Your situation is a lot better then most.
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    thanks for the help guys!! i think i am gonna just roll my car until it falls apart... its either trade it in and get like $3,500 or just roll it til it falls apart... which i dont know which would be the best.. :) 95 accord v6 with 166k miles on it.... i need to find a path of life i need to take tho... that is what has me so lost and depressed is that i did not go to college and most good jobs take degrees.... so its a go to college at 27 and hope for the best when u graduate to find a good paying job... or just struggle to get a good job without a degree but that is difficult in oklahoma city...

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