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    Back story my parents are divorced and when it all happened she decided to move in with my mom while I stayed with my dad. So that left me and my dad to ourselves, we split up everything around the house and cleaned the house, pool, and yard whenever it needed it and it was nice and peaceful. Well my sister has house sitted on several occasions or fed dogs when we are away or simply stopped by before she went to work to get a bite to eat or something which no one has a problem with except for the fact she fucking makes messes and trashes everything.

    No matter how many fucking times myself or my dad tell her to pick up her shit she will leave food everywhere along with clothes and just make the house a gross place to live in, I honestly feel uncomfortable in my own house and find myself cleaning several times a day only for it to be trashed again in a few hours. Incase you havent figured it out yet she moved back in and amung other things the kitchen, living room, and my bathroom (now our) is trashed with random clothes + towels and shit all over the place. Dont get me wrong I love my sister but I just cant live with her. I am going to have to suck it up because she always plays dumb, and my dad is happy that my sister is even living here because he feels my mom is unstable and crazy :ugh: . and ofcourse my mom feels the same way about him. The reason for the move is my mom is moving down south texas to be with her sister and mom and try to be happy again I guess. Well my sister aparently got kicked out earlier because she was a total bitch to my mom.

    Like I said I realize I cant kick her out and my dad sure as hell wont so I am stuck with it and honestly I thought about just how much better being dead would be instead of living with my ungrateful sister trashing my house and making want to kill myself in the place I should feel my best, at my own house. To solve all this shit I decided I was going to clean the shit out of my room and just lock the door at all times because I honestly cant stand being outside of my own room, because I know everything in here is because I did it and is all my fault in the rest of my house it is mostly my sister who doesnt claim responsibilty for shit. Ok so locking myself in my room isnt the greatest thing to do in the world but im going to fucking do it, on top of that my sister dumped off a shit of a dog at our house along time ago when she didnt live here who just fucking breaks shit, and makes more messes who me and my dad hate and want to get rid of but she ofcourse fucking loves him, I honestly want to kill it.

    Now if this isnt enough to push me over the edge my sister wants some druggie loser to live here at the house for a month :ugh: :ugh: aparently she asked my dad a few months ago and he said yes which I dont believe and even if he did he forgot for sure and she keeps pushing off reminding my dad but keeps telling this guy its 110% cool, he also wants to sleep on my floor for some fucking reason and I am not having any of that shit. Fuck all this shit, I cant stand being in my own house, thank god I start a job next week and school is coming up, I dont ever want to be in this place again...
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    Dude, seriously suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. Just don't do it cuz this shit'll pass.

    You sound like you like everything just perfect in your house but life is messy and things get screwed up all the time. You also sound like you'd love the military.

    Having bros and sisters is difficult and causes us to deal with shit we'd sometimes rather not have to deal with. It's part of life. Try to make the best of it.

    Oh and why don't you have a sit down with your dad and sis and explain how having this druggie in your space just isn't ok with you. I know how much that can be a problem because my bro moved his g/f into our house and NEVER asked me. She started moving all my shit around and puting her stuff where my stuff used to be. It was soo annoying, I finally moved out. My bro and I almost got in a fist fight over it, it was very close to ruining our relationship.

    However, now she's his wife and all 3 of us are good friends. So you can survive this, just try to ride out the storm without doing permanent damage to the relationships.

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