I didn't know how to explain this type of dream

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    There was some other stuff going on in my dream, but here's how it went.

    In my dream I went to this place with all these kind of putting holes and there were a few people there, and a black girl mildly attractive was asking me what I needed. I said I wanted to learn how to putt better and be better at mini-golf. She seemed confused because this was a place to be a better golfer, not a better minigolfer. She set me up on some holes and I made the first one in, then my dream wouldn't let me hit another ball. I went to some break area, but it was like all fucked up because my dreams aren't visionally accurate all the time and she came in and started laying on me, I got turned on, but in my sleeping state it was so real I felt like i was being suffocated by her chest. I didn't wake up, and i went to sleep IN my dream, I woke up to someone sucking my dick, it was this black girl, and it felt like someone in real life was sucking my dick (i was home alone IRL). And then it felt like she was sucking on my tongue. I woke up and figured I'd write about it. Anyone can explain how I was physically feeling these effects. DOesn't this prove that these kind of feelings can be produced in your mind?
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    the brain is a very powerful thing. and tricky too.

    did you ever have a falling dream? everyone hates those because you actually feel like you're falling. you get the adrenaline rush, the fear, your heart races... and then you wake up (usually on impact or a little before it).

    Odd that you would feel like you're falling even though you're laying on your bed, huh? thats just what the brain does. and whether you've ever fallen from a good height before or not, your brain can still mock the sensation.

    the same thing can go for other feelings as well. for instance, if you're hot while you're sleeping, your brain can intensify the feeling 10 fold while you dream you're being burnt alive. not pretty, but it happens.

    sex is the biggie. in this case, its an easy one. your brain already knows what an endorphin rush it is to have an orgasm. or to experience erotic touching (even if you're a virgin) and its as easy as flicking on a switch to release the exact same chemicals even though you're not performing the action.

    in any case, this isn't anything new. our brains can make us do and experience some insane things whether we consciously want them to or not :hs:

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