ART *SNWS* I don't have anywhere to REpost this


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Sep 27, 2000
I send these to my nephew who has this hairstyle along with all of his 12 year old friends.


This simulation needs a reboot
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Jun 24, 2005
Buffalo, NY. Again.
Oh nice, I have to do one of these eventually. The CPAP was like way backordered or something. I have also wondered if your night routine includes it are you allowed.....what if you don't and then have a nocturnal emission like a dork?
So the 27 yr old technician lady was pretty bubbly, I probably talked her into a Wrangler 4xe by accident too. At my place two of the three techs were cuties, one was a @transistor looking dude but still very friendly.
No actual doctors there, they're not gonna work overnights LOL.
The whole thing electrode thing was pretty weird - feel like your wrapped up in a spiders web of wires, but you kinda get over it. Definitely had some active fucking dreams though, which maybe related to the extra current going through your head. But overall it was fine.
The biggest thing that I learned though was that if you use the referral code you can get a handy, with cleanup, from the techs. So what you gotta do is once the lights are off and your 'tucked in' for the night, and you've got a little chub goin, stare right into the IR camera, wave to them, and speak aloud 'i've got monkeybrains', and then just hang in there. Keep in mind that I was told that you can upgrade to a blowy with a condom but theres a surcharge for that, and obviously your insurance is unlikely to cover it. Although my chick seemed a lot shorter in the dark. Helluva a grip though.

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