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    i feel that i have afew problems, and i was thinking about them today. one of them is that i have such low-selfesteem bacuse tons of people always made fun of me, and now i have tons of negative thoughts. i'm not usually optimistic, althoguh i can be at times, but alot of times, when im alone and i have time to think, i just think negative thoguhts about myself. i think what eveyrone's saying/doing is really affecting me in a bad way. i just wish that i could raise my self-esteem and feel happy with myself. there's more too. im a really good student. i'm in the honor classes and everyhting, but aside from the stuff that people say baout me, i have this reputation for being the "good boy" and i hate it. everyone jsut makes all fo these assumptions when they dont even know me. i guess i do that too....but i dont like how if feels, so ill try to think of that next time im gonna judge someone. and having the rep. makes me feel like..i i would do somehting, just to prove people wrong. i need help. how can i gt my self-esteem up?
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    It seems to me like you have your head on straight. You just need to concentrate on what is really important to you. What are you long term goals? Do you have any friends at your school? I'll tell you that I had really good grades when i was in school, i listened to what people said about me and eventually shifted my focus on "fitting in" well, to make a long story short that really made me drift off track - i lost track of the goals that i had, and now i wish everyday that i had stayed on track. Maybe you need to take a few hours to yourself? Take a walk and put your thoughts on paper.

    Basically, what i'm saying is... There is nothing that I know of that "we" can do FOR you that will help you improve your self esteem. Self-esteem is simply a "mental image of yourself" how you percieve yourself is completley up to you. DO NOT let the things that other people say about you get on your nerves. You can change if you really want to. I have learned over the last few years that you can only really do something for yourself unless you really honestly WANT to do it. So the question you need to ask yourself on you walk, or whatever you choose to do is...

    "How bad do I want to change myself? Am I ready to give 100%? etc...

    good luck. i have to back to work. :wtc:
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    Only God knows who you truelly are in your heart, even more then your own mother knows you. Its like domino, negative comments,actions put darkness and hate into people's lives which is casted as stress upon others, and therefore its important that you only pass on love and light , and help others in your life to become happy yourself.

    You are your own judge, you should start defining your own life today. You are like a rough diamond, which with a chisel you give it shape into a cut diamond in the form that you like it to be.

    You know , its sad people are negative. In the beginning it effects you you know, but at a certain point you say to yourself 'listen ,they can be negative all my life' but im not going to let my life being pulled down the drain due to the weaknesses of others. I want to accomplish something , Just put their negativity to the rest of the stockpile and let it rot there, and go on with your life, because you have to go on lving. And like sailing a boat thru a storm, you are the captain who determines the course of your own ship. What other people do is their bussiness. This is your life, and you shouldn't allow others to take it away from you by their negative comments.
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    Being the "good boy" isn't something to be ashamed about. I was in the same boat coming out of high school and then I spent the next decade trying to prove otherwise too....only I overcompensated WAAAY too much to prove myself just as you are now.

    But you know what? I look around me now and I see all the successful people I've met...the ones everyone admires for their leadership & success in business -- You know what they have in common? They never gave a damn about what other people said and just forged their own path.

    People laughed and ridiculed them for being crazy for their ideas or way of thinking....but who gets the last laugh when they retire at 30 or 40?

    If people are negative to you? They're not worth your time. Go find people you can look up too and make them your peer group. Don't look back.

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