I feel like being immature, so here are reviews of the 2 OP I've fucked.

Tard Carnival

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Oct 3, 2004
Charlotte, NC

A sheep in wolf's clothing, ModestMuse will come on to you under the guise of "wanting to help," but will rapidly progress to suggestive language if given the opportunity.

Do not let this facade deceive you. She is very much a good girl, and naive in the ways of men and women. A successful romantic encounter will lead to passive aggressive guilt trips when you don't drop everything and begin worshiping at her altar. This is a girl utterly unused to not fully capturing a man's emotions and attention, and she will react extremely negatively once realizing you're not dancing entirely to her tune.

Pros: Intimidating intelligence
Strong drive to succeed
Fantastic tits

Cons: Emotionally demanding
Difficulty facing reality
Temper tantrums when not getting her way, up to and including half-assed attempts at abandonment

Your Plague:

A psychotic clinger, Your Plague is the worst kind of stereotypical female drama whore, utilizing her own self-loathing as an excuse to treat those close to her worse than dirt.

She has a poor bastard of an ex who can't let go of his feelings for her who she continues to speak to under the guise of friendship. Except that the day after our activities, she was torturing him with details of everything.

Self-described as "not a dramatic girl," she puts her money where her mouth is by responding to rejection with attempts to passive aggressively stir up shit with anyone she can, flooding one's inbox with verbose texts that boil down to "please respond," and resorting to facebook wall shit-stirring when her other amateurish attempts at attention whoring fall flat.

Pros: Fantastic head.

Cons: Terrible human being all around.

Cliffs: I'm an asshole reacting poorly to rejection and burning bridges in public for amusement.

Overall recommend getting involved with OT OP only for those with a high tolerance for weirdness.

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