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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Teh_Sponge, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I don't really know how to explain this so I suppose I'll try my best.

    My mom died in May because of gallbladder cancer. I got to spend all the time I wanted to with her before she died so I believe I made my peace. Anyway...on with the story. So last night, me and the GF are making teh love :naughty: and after I cum the condom slipped off a bit and some ejaculate got into her vagina. I know it was a real small amount, but she starts freaking out big time.

    The whole time I kept trying to calm her down but she wouldn't, so I called planned parenthood and found out they are closed on Sunday but that we can go in today, on Monday. She had just finished her period so she wasn't ovulating but again, she was still really freaked out by it, which is understandable.

    On we go. Throughout the whole night I don't think I felt any emotion what-so-ever. I wasn't scared, I wasn't angry or anything. All I did was try my best to calm her down.

    I'm kinda scared because it seems like I'm numb from having my mom die. It's like it pales in comparison so it doesn't really seem so bad to me...but I know that's a bad way of looking at it.

    Any advice would be appreciated. What would you do in the same situation? Would you be scared?

    Thanks in advance for reading and replying.
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    I think she could get a so called morning after pill, if she takes that, there's no chance she'll get a baby then. Best to let planned parenthood let you two calm down and get you adviced on that.

    She is right for freaking out, even a small amount can ,let me rephraze that to one sperma cell can make your gf pregnant. I don't think your mother has actually anything to do with it other then it being a sequence of events that are highly stressing you out.

    I wouldn't be scared if i where you, there are a lot of ways to end a unwanted pregnancy, the quicker you take measures the better. Anyway i assume that by the time you come back to read this, you have been to planned parenthood, update us on what they had to say.
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    The morning after pill, or "Plan B" needs to be taken within 72 hours, the effectiveness decreases to about 80% towards the end of that period. (i.e. NOT GOOD)

    Now that you've survived this scare, why don't you go and get a Plan B pill from Planned Parenthood. Get two. One stays at your house, one stays at hers.

    But really the best idea is for her to get on the Pill itself if you two plan on having sex regularly. Condoms are ok only IF you can keep yourself from having little goofs, and are a somewhat semi-regular fucker.

    They get expensive if you're hitting it often, and after a point, they lose their cost-benefit from a price and an effectiveness standpoint.

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